Food Systems Summit wants to hear from you

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The United Nations Food Systems Summit, an international event to make plans for the transformation of the global food system to align with the Sustainable Development Goals, is set to take place in September this year. If you have an interest in the food system, the Summit wants to hear from you.

It is widely accepted that the current global food system is not sustainable in the long term from a nutritional, environmental or economic standpoint. Its complexity and interconnectedness are also clear. The Food Systems Summit hopes to increase awareness of food system dynamics and spark international action towards more sustainable practices.

To inform the discussion, the Summit is encouraging a number of Summit Dialogues. These are smaller events, organised either by the UN, member states, or independently. Anyone can convene their own Summit Dialogue, following guidance available on the Summit website. You can also read through the findings of previous dialogues and learn about upcoming events you can be a part of.

The purpose of these dialogues is to bring the voices of all stakeholders to the discussion table. The combined views of food producers and consumers, scientists and economists, nutritionists, environmentalists and governments will be necessary to direct future policy on the global food system.

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Image courtesy of UN Food Systems Summit