Modeling the Contribution of Milk to Global Nutrition

Nutrient-rich foods play a major role in countering the challenges of nourishing an increasing global population. Milk is a source of high-quality protein and bioavailable amino acids, several vitamins, and minerals such as calcium. In this research, the Sustainable Nutrition Initiative® used the DELTA Model®, which calculates the delivery of nutrition from global food production scenarios, to examine the role of milk in global nutrition.

Cropland and delivering nutrition to the world’s population

Global crop production is central to the delivery of nutrition to the world’s population, but requires the use of land for crop production. A newly published paper (and accompanying animation) from the SNi® team details the extension of the DELTA Model® to include cropland footprints, and some of the insights generated.

Nutritional assessment of plant-based beverages in comparison to bovine milk

New Research from the Riddet Institute on the nutritional value of Plant Based Beverages in comparison to Milk