How to Use Delta

Learn to use DELTA by watching the short (3min) video introductions below or you can jump straight in.

The main settings of the model are found by selecting Explore the Future from the menu. The side-panel on the left contains the user adjustable settings.

Scenario Options contains high level scenario settings and enables the user to switch between predefined food system options

Primary Production contains the annual production of each of the food product groups in millions of tonnes

Secondary Modifiers contains a range of other model options for the user to select

When you watch the videos you will learn:

  1. How to change scenarios and production levels and interpret the nutrition graphs
  2. What the Group Breakdown chart is and how to interpret it
  3. What the Supply Balance chart is and how to interpret it

Introduction to the DELTA model

Part 1
Part 2

Introduction to the Group Breakdown Chart

Introduction to the Supply Balance Chart