Our Team

Our team at the Riddet Institute

Professor Warren McNabb leads the SNi® program at the Riddet Institute. The core team comprises Dr. Nick Smith, Honorary Industry Fellow Dr. Andrew Fletcher, Adjunct Professor Jeremy Hill, Laurette Batstone, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Mahya Tavan, and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Heather Collis as well as many important contributions from across the Institute.

Professor Warren McNabb
Project Leader

Riddet Institute

Warren McNabb is a Professor of Nutritional Science at the Riddet Institute; one of New Zealand’s Centres of Research Excellence (CoRE), hosted by Massey University. He leads SNi® and his research interests include digestive physiology and metabolism, nutrition for health, and sustainable nutrition.

Dr Nick Smith
Research Officer

Riddet Institute

Nick works as a mathematical modeller on the Riddet Institute SNi®. He is responsible for a wide range of SNi’s work and the continued development of the SNi models like the DELTA Model®. This is a tool for investigating how global food production meets global nutritional requirements as part of a sustainable food system.

Dr Andrew Fletcher
Honorary Fellow

Riddet Institute

Andrew is a Chemical Engineer with a PhD in process control and modelling. Andrew is a Honorary Fellow at the Riddet Institute and has been involved with SNi® since the outset. He is based at the Fonterra Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North and is involved in a range of research, management and strategy roles.

Professor Jeremy Hill
Adjunct Professor

Riddet Institute

Professor Jeremy Hill has played a major role in developing SNi®. He has also been involved in developing strategic partnerships between Fonterra and the Riddet Institute. For example, the establishment of three Professorial Chairs in Food Material Science, Nutrition, and Consumer and Sensory Science.
Jeremy is the Chief Science and Technology Officer at Fonterra.

Laurette Batstone
Project Manager & Communications

Riddet Institute

Laurette is the Project Manager for SNi®. She started her career in Public Relations helping businesses by managing all internal and external communications and representing companies as a Communications Strategist. Project Management at the Riddet Institute came naturally after years of overseeing projects within different organisations.

Ejovi Abafe
PhD student

Riddet Institute

Prior to his current Ph.D., Ejovi obtained a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and Delta State University, Nigeria.

The current focus of his PhD at the Riddet Institute, is Global land use for the delivery of nutrition.

Mahya Tavan
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Riddet Institute

Mahya is an agriculture and Food Scientist. Her main research focus is sustainable food production, resource use efficiency and nutritional quality of agricultural products. Mahya completed her PhD research at the University of Melbourne with a thesis on the nutritional, sensorial and postharvest quality of biofortified microgreens and joins the Riddet Institute’s SNi® team as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Heather Collis
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Riddet Institute

Heather did her PhD on a programme called “Modelling and Analytics for a Sustainable Society” at the University of Nottingham; this research focused on using mathematical modelling to understand the transport of plant hormones with sustainability as a key focus. Heather joins the SNi® team at the Riddet Institute as a key member in building the new iOTA Model.