Monash University,

Researchers and academics in food science and nutrition, Professor Louise Bennett, Dr Margaret Murray and Dr Shahnaz Mansouri use the DELTA Model® when teaching about sustainability in the Advanced Food Chemistry and Advanced Food Nutrition and Health modules, in the Master of Food Science and Agribusiness at Monash University. Dr Margaret Murray is also the author of the DELTA Model® workshop material and has authored some Thought for Food articles on our website. 

Professor in Economics and Public Policy, Flavia Mori Sarti participates in research on Complex Systems Modeling and Nutrition in Public Health. She works with SNi® on research examining global trade of nutrients and its implications for nutrition and health, especially its relevance in public policies for health promotion and disease prevention.

Professor of Dairy Science & Technology, Thom Huppertz uses the DELTA Model® as part of postgraduate sustainable food-based dietary guidelines teaching. Thom also supervises research on mineral bioavailability and protein quality, the results of which will inform this aspect of the DELTA Model® development. 

Agricultural Ecologist Dr Thomas Maxwel, focuses on understanding ecological mechanisms of functionally-sustainable grazing lands, for the purpose of applied management of these agricultural landscapes in meeting the economic and social needs of humanity while maintaining the biophysical resource on which the ecosystem rests. 

Distinguished Research Professor in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, Connie Weaver is Distinguished Professor Emerita of Nutrition Science at Purdue University and CEO of Weaver and Associates Consulting. She is an elected member of The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine since 2010. 

Associate Professor of Food Insights and Sustainability, Wayne Martindale is actively researching sustainability in food product development and food system connectivity, using complementary approaches to the DELTA Model®. Wayne has also contributed to the SNi® Thought for Food articles.

Our International Collaborators around the world

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